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COVID-19 Update!

The Body Mechanic is still open for business. I'm taking additional precautions to further reduce the risk. There's only one person at a time in my office, both practitioner and client are sanitizing/washing before and after sessions and I wipe down all contact surfaces with Lysol between appointments. Sheets are washed after each use and headrest/pillow covers are single use. In addition to sanitation procedures, I also offer REMOTE HEALING SESSIONS over conferencing software. This might sound odd at first, but I have actually been doing these appointments with clients for years, when getting to me in person was not an option. They're incredibly effective for all manner of problems as much of my work is energetic in nature. They're not less-than, just a different approach to the same issues. They're a great option for getting the help you need while also helping stop the spread of COVID-19. If you'd like to change your appointment from in-person to remote, let me know.