Several years ago, I was at a crossroads in my career, and decided to travel down the road of advanced manual therapy instead of sticking to a more traditional style of physical therapy. I took NeuroKinetic Therapy® and met Thomas Wells via the online support community. He patiently answered question after question from me and held my hand through the learning process. Thomas also encouraged me to take an additional, and very sophisticated, form of therapy called Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex®. Thomas teaches this class with Dr. Jose Palomar, a brilliant orthopedic surgeon. It is because of Thomas' skillful teaching and explanation that our class has been able to utilize the material as well as we do. He gave us numerous practical examples and tips, making it very easy to integrate the skills into my practice. My life and career have changed completely since starting this class a year ago, and I owe much of this to Thomas.

-Jamie Francis, MSPT


I have had the honor of training under, and working with, many brilliant manual therapists around the world. None has been more more influential on my career than Thomas Wells. His knowledge is encyclopedic, and he possesses the rare ability to distill even the most complex material into a format easily absorbed. He has a true passion for his work that is evident in his manner as an instructor. I cannot recommend strongly enough that any clinician with the opportunity to learn from Thomas take full advantage.

-Noah Drucker, MS, ART


As an ongoing student of massage and bodywork for the past two decades, I have had many teachers. Some good, some bad, and a lot of mediocre. Thomas Wells is an exceptionally gifted teacher and therapist. He is innovative, passionate, brilliant, and fun. His attention to detail is second to none. Every class I have ever taken from him has rewarded me with multiple incredible tools that I can easily apply the very next day in my own practice. He is generous with his time and with his knowledge.

-Adrienne Saltzberg, CMT


Thomas Wells is a powerful educational asset within the worlds of NKT and P-DTR. Few instructors reach his level of passion both for the material and for the students' grasp of fundamental concepts. He is able to translate complex information into simple forms, recognizing the gaps and barriers to mastery peculiar to each individual. Many patients owe an unknown debt of thanks to his instruction of their own therapists and providers, which has contributed significantly to their healing.

Most importantly, his clinical treatments work! Individual skill and passion are worth very little, if the client never improves or needs continuous treatment. Those he treats get better and regain health. I would fly across the country to be treated by him, and have crossed the country to see him work. Very few individuals carry that distinction, and I will be happy to continue learning from him for years to come.

-David Lindemann, M.D.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

In 12 years of continuing education, Thomas's teaching style has resonated more than any other. His knowledge and skilled application of material he presents is exemplary. He's clear, concise, and exhaustively explains the material so that everyone under his tutelage leaves with a thorough understanding. In the years I've looked to Thomas as a mentor he's never once not given his time to answer questions and offer support to help practitioners excel at their craft.

-Marissa Macias, MMT

The Body Mechanic®

Rated out of 24 reviews.

Betsy A., MFT - Psychotherapist says:

In the time that I have worked with Thomas, my body has gone from being frozen and locked from childhood trauma and 50+ years of high-intensity physical misadventures to an ease, flexibility, and range of motion that I never imagined I would experience. I have benefitted enormously from Thomas’ drive to study and master cutting-edge therapies. Thomas’ vast, ever-expanding technical expertise is matched by his personal qualities of integrity, sensitivity, compassion, trustworthiness, and professionalism. When I began treatments my body was in a state of hyper-alertness and in Thomas’ totally safe and competent hands my system has become relaxed and resilient. With gratitude, respect, and admiration I whole-heartedly recommend him.

Jason says:

Thomas is a pro at what he does!

Suzanne G., DC - Chiropractor says:

I am a chiropractor and have had the opportunity to work with Thomas Wells both personally and professionally. In his work in balancing the muscles of the body, I have found the results he achieves to be extremely effective and to produce very thorough pain relief to the muscular system. This stability leads to an ease and fluidity with which the body can perform either its daily or athletic activities. I consider his work to be very synergistic with chiropractic care and highly recommend it for everyone interested in greatly enhancing their healing and maintenance regimens..

Jerimiah Mahan, CPT - Personal Trainer says:

First off i would like to start out by saying that Thomas is absolutely amazing. I first came to see Thomas because of a groin injury. I spent roughly 6 months on the sideline not getting to play soccer. Every doctor and athletic trainer i saw all just said rest, ice, and ibuprofen. After just one visit with Thomas I was back to about 90% and completely cleared up after the second visit! Thomas really knows what he is doing. His knowledge of the human body is unbelievable. I would recommend Thomas to anyone!

Thomas is amazing!

Judi S. says:

Thomas is amazing! Despite several months of physical therapy, my nerve pain was worsening. The pain was affecting my daily life and so I went to see Thomas. WOW! After one session, my pain was nearly gone. I nearly cried with relief! I can't express my gratitude enough. Being in the medical profession, I'm quite particular about the professionals I work with. Thomas combines an incredible knowledge of anatomy and physiology with uncanny intuition and insight. He can help nearly anyone!

David W., Acupuncturist says:

I was told about the work of Thomas Wells by an M.D. friend of mine. In my first session, he found areas of deep muscle congestion and released them. In the next session, he found neck and upper back muscle tightness, pain, imbalances and congestion. He relieved them as well. Soon, I started to feel my posture improve and I felt more relaxed. Thomas is very skilled at finding muscle imbalances and making the necessary corrections. I very much recommend his work.

Rachel G says:

I'm walking around the grocery store with a smile on my face and a little pep in my step! Thank you Thomas for the past few weeks of treatment! This is the best my knee has felt in over a month and I am looking forward to increase of mobility in my shoulder :)

Sherri W says:

If you are thinking about this...stop thinking and GO... Thomas is AWESOME and you will get results!!!!!

Don Mueller - Business Owner says:

Tom was recommended to me by my chiro, Dr. Brian Thalhammer, when I had a knee problem he couldn't fix. Since then I see Tom whenever I need more than an adjustment. He works on muscle imbalances. As a former triathlete, I've been using these types of services for over 30 years and I've gotten to know some of the best. Tom is right up there with the best of them. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Lisa G. - Police Officer, Attorney says:

Thomas Wells, “The Body Mechanic”, is my addiction. He has improved my quality of life by improving my muscle and joint function and is currently facilitating the rehabilitation of my knee. It is hard to describe what he does, but basically he determines which muscles are compensating for others and which muscles have “checked out” completely, then gets them all working properly again. In our 50-minute visit, Thomas found a bunch of tight, inhibited muscles and was able to get all of them working again. He explained everything he was doing and demonstrated each exercise he assigned me, even providing me with hand-drawn diagrams to take home.As a result of Thomas' treatments and knowledge, my shoulders have unlocked. My swim stroke is more fluid and efficient. I have been a life-long swimmer and can noticeably tell the difference when my muscles are working correctly and efficiently. I now swim much faster, expending less energy. My times have improved, my shoulders don’t spasm, nor do the my lats. And, now that I am engaging the muscles in my left quad again, I can actually feel the workout in my left leg is getting during my swims, cycling and weight workouts. Now when I train, I feel the good burn all over, evenly distributed, in all the right places. Even my cycling has taking off. I can feel the burn in my left leg and can go much further at a higher cadence than before. I can go on and on about Tom. The most exciting thing is how I feel since he has been treating me. Now, when I'm working out everything in my body is running so much smoother. And, when I'm not working out and just enjoying my life, gone are the painful muscle spasms I've become so accustomed to. My back muscles are more relaxed and not balled up, my left leg is healing and becoming more stable every day and my right leg is no longer bearing the burden of all my weight. More importantly, the more my muscles develop around my knee the quicker I get to go back to work full duty! Now my leg is filling out, the muscle tone is returning and I am getting stronger. Thomas' treatments keep my muscles healthy and on track as I proceed with my rehabilitation and training. Thomas is the whole package, a literal body mechanic. He knows what he is doing and utilizes a multitude of techniques. If you want to perform better and feel better, call The Body Mechanic. I trust "Dr. Tom" and so should you.

Dr. Brian Thalhamer - Chiropractor says:

When Tom was a personal trainer, not only was he my trainer but he was my go to guy for my patients that needed specific rehab or strengthening. Over the past seven years he has taken his knowledge base to a whole new level and now he is my go to guy when it comes to muscular injuries and dysfunction. Not only does he work on me regularly to keep me at the top of my game, but I regularly send my patients to Tom for muscular injuries and chronic patterns created by misalignment. As a chiropractor I work with the structure of the body but if the muscles are continually unwinding my adjustments I call for back up and that call always goes to Tom. With what he does it makes my job much easier and the patients get faster results. Thanks Tom!

Jessica B. says:

Amazing, i did not realize how much pain I was in until there was no pain! I would highly recommend the body mechanic.

April P. - Business Consultant says:

Why live with pain, have potentially unnecessary surgeries or undergo treatments that don't address the source of the problem? Working with Thomas, I have experienced immediate and direct relief from trouble spots in my musculoskeletal system I thought I just had to live with forever. Thomas is a genius at tracking down the root of the problem and taking measures to correct it. Others have succeeded only in treating compensatory issues that arose due to underlying problems. His treatments have played a vital role in my path to regaining full function.

Isaac L says:

Excellent!! My wife and I both saw Thomas for neck pain. She went 3 times and I went twice. My wife has been pain free for nearly 3 years now and I am going on 8 months. Highly recommend.

Ben Schwarcz, MFT - Psychotherapist says:

I have known Thomas for several years and consider him to be a masterful body-worker in a class of his own. I've used chiropractors, acupuncturists, other massage therapists and healers for many years, but when it comes to relieving pain or an acute or chronic injury, Thomas is my first destination. He is a scientist in his approach to evaluating and treating an issue, and he gets results very fast. In one session, he assessed my lower back pain, determined that I had a lumbar vertebrae out of alignment and frozen hips, and he reversed both, alleviating a pretty severe chronic low back ache that had gone on for more than six months. Thomas also relieved my wife's lower back issue that had begun when she had a fall at the age of 8. She had been having episodic debilitating back pain from this old injury and it would completely incapacitate her at times. Since she saw him for a series of sessions over a year ago, she has had no recurrences 0f her back going out. I would trust Thomas with any family member, including my kids, and often refer my clients to him. One of my clients who had a very serious spinal surgery that went badly and caused her months of excruciating pain and total disability, has been able to return to many of her old activities and has gotten her life back since working with Thomas.Thomas will tell you if he cannot help your problem - but chances are quite good that he can.

James Chapman, CPT - Personal Trainer says:

As a personal trainer, a bodyworker, and a life long athlete. Thomas has been my go to guy. I have had a life time of injuries that at times have been crippling, and Thomas has addressed them with a knowledge base and skill set that goes unsurpassed. Not only has he kept me training through the most impossible injuries, he's gotten me through injuries that the "professionals" said I was not supposed to recover from. As well as being the only bodyworker I use, he has been a great source of knowledge for my professional life as well. I have been sending my clients to Thomas for years, and he has a success rate that goes unmatched. If you are having physical and structual issues or your just in a lot of pain, Thomas is the guy you want to see. He has made my job and life easier. He is a true professional with passion for what he does. Thanks Thomas!

Sherri N. - Medical Assistant says:

When my daughter was doing cheer-leading a few years ago, she had really bad shin-splints. Her coach kept telling her to stretch but it wasn't helping. After a few months, an acquaintance suggested I take her to see Thomas. I decided instead to take her to the doctor. For the next six months, she was on crutches periodically to keep the weight off her leg. When that didn't work, we tried orthotics, then physical therapy, x-rays and MRI's. We received multiple diagnoses, including: blood clot, bone tumor, anorexia and that she was "faking it" ?!?! The physical therapist just gave her a calf exercise and sent her on her way. When we got fed up with the lack of answers (and results), Thomas was again suggested, so I gave him a call. After our first session with Thomas, my daughter had less pain than she had in months and no longer needed her massive daily doses of Motrin. She was able to walk with little pain, and soon the pain was gone. Since then, I have gone to Thomas for my neck, back and knees (and whatever else happens to be bugging me) and my other daughter has been to him for her back. I can't explain what he does or how it works, I just know that it helps me, helped my daughters and has helped everyone else I've referred to him. He's my "Tommy" and I don't know what I'd do without him.

Stephanie says:

I’m completely amazed at the difference only 2 sessions with Thomas has made in a chronic neck problem that I’ve had for over 5 yrs. The work is very different than any PT, Chiropractic, or Massage Therapy I've every done....I can’t explain how it works but it’s so effective. I’m looking forward to continuing the work and becoming pain free.

Karen S. - Registered Nurse says:

Originally I went to Thomas for bodywork and NKT because my knees were so painful that it was difficult to do most activities and exercise felt almost impossible. It has turned out to be the best thing I could have done for my overall health. I was skeptical that therapeutic “bodywork” or “NKT” could help my knee pain. Several sessions of bodywork with Thomas improved my knees so much that I’m really comfortable with anything I do including a strenuous exercise program. I’ve always been a person who relies on traditional medicine for treatment. My doctor, however could only offer anti-inflammatory medication and rest for a problem that just didn’t get better. It’s been an amazing experience for me to have gotten so much pain relief and improved function from such a different therapeutic approach. Thomas has done bodywork with me for about 2 years now and I’ve had significant improvement in knee, shoulder and hip injuries. At the same time he’s worked on my overall posture and body alignment, and taught me exercises to help maintain or improve the outcome. He always explains what he’s doing and the outcome he expects to get. The best things about working with Thomas are that he is clearly so knowledgeable and passionate about his bodywork. He’s also an incredibly positive person. I really thought my knees couldn’t get better but he was always consistently optimistic that this approach would make a difference and it really has…. :)

Sean D says:

I'm an athlete who has scar tissue on various injuries I've accumulated through the years, and as a result have needed rehabilitative and deep tissue work done. Few people I've found are strong enough to do that kind of work well, but Thomas is an exception to the rule. He has helped me correct some problems that I've been living with for nearly 20 years in some cases. Thomas is a genius at what he does, and after working with him for a few months now I can't imagine anyone he couldn't help. It's kind of hard to explain what he does because it isn't like sports massage therapy, nor is it exactly like physical therapy...it's kind of a hybrid yet not like any of those. I originally went to him with a variety of problems, ranging from knee issues to neck problems. In my last 3 sessions with him, he has completely transformed my body and helped to alleviate pain I honestly thought I'd be living with for the rest of my life. We had to break down a bunch of scar tissue to do it and the results were immediate and floored me. I am actually walking better now as a result of the work he did! Mind you that some of these injuries were the results of 12 years of martial arts sparring and 25+ years of running and biking around Santa Rosa and Sonoma County.. As far as the work itself, he's been using a variety of techniques including Active Release Techniques (aka Active Release Therapy), Bowen Therapy, and a few others to get these results. Thomas is like a mad scientist whose passion is the human body and his skills are obvious once he starts working on you. I would highly recommend Thomas to anyone who has any type of pain, movement restriction, or other physical ailments. He is a master of his craft and I appreciate his expertise.

Fierce Fitness says:

As a fitness instructor, my body needs to be in tip top shape to teach and when my ankle was bothering me with no end in sight, i was so grateful to have been referred to Thomas. I had tried everything and did not want to have to get a cortisone shot. After seeing Thomas i learned that it wasn't actually my ankle but muscles in the surrounding areas that weren't firing up properly and were causing the pain in my ankle. After a few visits it felt great and i still see him for regular maintenance .

Anne Gibson, MFT - Psychotherapist says:

Thomas Wells has worked on both my two teenage athletes helping to correct muscle imbalances, decrease pain responses and shorten their recovery time period when injured. When my daughter had a soccer injury he was able to identify a bulging disc that the physicians did not. This was then confirmed by an MRI. I have since had Thomas do work on my own body. He has been able to correct muscle imbalances and in particularly has used ART to release deep patterns of tension, which has given me great relief. If you have spent years trying to ignore certain aches and pains and dysfunctional patterns due to overuse and old sports injuries, Thomas will be able to help you. I have experienced relief from years of chronic neck pain and have gained range of motion back, which has left my body feeling stronger and more able to exercise pain free. Thomas has been the most effective practitioner for working on my body and providing lasting results.

Tommy R., Technology Professional says:

Thomas first worked with me in 2004 after a car accident left me bed ridden for several weeks. Afterwards I had many appointments with Doctors and chiropractors which did little to ease my back and shoulder pain. From my very first treatment with Thomas I experienced relief. Each appointment built on the previous one and within a few months I was my old self again. Since then I have had regular appointments with Thomas as I'm a technology professional who sits at a desk a majority of the day. my body has never felt better and I know my appointments keep it that way. Thomas is a miracle worker and master at what he does.

Cate B. says:

Thomas has a truly astonishing set of healing skills and an amazing depth of knowledge. He has helped me immensely with complex and stubborn issues involving my back and pelvic floor. He has also provided emotional support throughout my treatment that I can not begin to express how much I appreciate. He's not only talented but compassionate and wise. Truly unique!