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Several years ago, I was at a crossroads in my career, and decided to travel down the road of advanced manual therapy instead of sticking to a more traditional style of physical therapy. I took NeuroKinetic Therapy® and met Thomas Wells via the online support community. He patiently answered question after question from me and held my hand through the learning process. Thomas also encouraged me to take an additional, and very sophisticated, form of therapy called Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex®. Thomas teaches this class with Dr. Jose Palomar, a brilliant orthopedic surgeon. It is because of Thomas' skillful teaching and explanation that our class has been able to utilize the material as well as we do. He gave us numerous practical examples and tips, making it very easy to integrate the skills into my practice. My life and career have changed completely since starting this class a year ago, and I owe much of this to Thomas.

-Jamie Francis, MSPT


I have had the honor of training under, and working with, many brilliant manual therapists around the world. None has been more more influential on my career than Thomas Wells. His knowledge is encyclopedic, and he possesses the rare ability to distill even the most complex material into a format easily absorbed. He has a true passion for his work that is evident in his manner as an instructor. I cannot recommend strongly enough that any clinician with the opportunity to learn from Thomas take full advantage.

-Noah Drucker, MS, ART


As an ongoing student of massage and bodywork for the past two decades, I have had many teachers. Some good, some bad, and a lot of mediocre. Thomas Wells is an exceptionally gifted teacher and therapist. He is innovative, passionate, brilliant, and fun. His attention to detail is second to none. Every class I have ever taken from him has rewarded me with multiple incredible tools that I can easily apply the very next day in my own practice. He is generous with his time and with his knowledge.

-Adrienne Saltzberg, CMT


Thomas Wells is a powerful educational asset within the worlds of NKT and P-DTR. Few instructors reach his level of passion both for the material and for the students' grasp of fundamental concepts. He is able to translate complex information into simple forms, recognizing the gaps and barriers to mastery peculiar to each individual. Many patients owe an unknown debt of thanks to his instruction of their own therapists and providers, which has contributed significantly to their healing.

Most importantly, his clinical treatments work! Individual skill and passion are worth very little, if the client never improves or needs continuous treatment. Those he treats get better and regain health. I would fly across the country to be treated by him, and have crossed the country to see him work. Very few individuals carry that distinction, and I will be happy to continue learning from him for years to come.

-David Lindemann, M.D.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

In 12 years of continuing education, Thomas's teaching style has resonated more than any other. His knowledge and skilled application of material he presents is exemplary. He's clear, concise, and exhaustively explains the material so that everyone under his tutelage leaves with a thorough understanding. In the years I've looked to Thomas as a mentor he's never once not given his time to answer questions and offer support to help practitioners excel at their craft.

-Marissa Macias, MMT